Interesting Sterling (Watchlist)

Let’s see where this goes

eurgbpEUR/GBP Head and shoulders for a bearish reversal OR uptrend continuation whereby price is now at an area of value with the confluence of the 200SMA and more than a year old trend line.

gbpjpy-lets-see-where-this-goesGBP/JPY As shown, objective strategy showing a buy idea with the LT 100SMA switching sides from resistance to support. Not shown, 150 SMA crossed over and pointing upwards. Price has also traded above the 200 SMA which is still pointing downwards as at time of posting. A triangle has formed with the upper resisting line being a year old downward trend line, an upside break could be massive and a bullish reversal for the pound.

Triangle consolidation at resistance for a bullish break OR an area of value for the bears?