Triangles (Watchlist)

Watching the pairs

w1sgdUSD/SGD (15mins) Formed a triangle consolidation, broke out with ADX 45, flag correction and uptrend continuation next? Post update.

w2jpyUSD/JPY (15mins) Similar set-up to USD/SGD above. A massive break out with ADX>70. With regards to trade 7B, should’ve entered the add based on the triangle timeframe.

w3jpyGBP/JPY (Daily) Posted here before, made small adjustments. The triangle seems to be getting even tighter. Will be looking to trade the break out.

gbpUSD (-).pngGBP/USD (4H) Triangle formed, visible on the 4H and 1H. Not really interested to trade this but it would make an interesting watch. Post update.