MISSEDaudusd1Missed it and had to watch. Had a plan here. Missed it again. AND NOW MISSED IT AGAIN!!! It’s quite elusive this waiting for price to come to a certain level. Of course with the benefit of hindsight. But if I had been more open minded and gave consideration to more than one possibility that I wouldn’t have missed this. Already intended to go long on that resistance turned support on the daily. But even missed the bearish engulfing right on that level despite checking the markets every single day. DAMN IT!

MISSEDaudusd2What I expected vs What actually happened. Not that far off might be the worse part.

Did not go short on the 4H small downtrend as was expecting the pullback to end and bulls to continue the charge.

Was stuck on seeing wave 5 at that green level. But it’s just pullback! 123 and done.

Boohoo, should’ve checked the daily.

The timeframe where you made the plans.

Now the only thing to do is wait for another pullback or breakout on the daily.

Long term view is still up, should’ve plenty of chances to ride the trend.