Trade 28 – USD/CAD

Entry & Trade Management

TRADE28USDCAD.pngEntry on 4H Price was ranging on the daily with the resistance shown above. After a massive upswing the bulls started to get weak consolidating around the 30SMA forming a triangle.

Sell stop order placed under the low to capture break out. As seen on TradingView & Entry triggered with a huge bearish candle.

Stop loss already shifted to break even.

0.5% capital risked for potentially 2.1R.

Entry: 1.34068 | Stop loss: 135 | Target Profit: 1.321

Psychology and emotions – Felt like I should have taken 1% risk… But, oh well.


The market will almost never do what you expect, get that into your headdownload.pngStopped out after false break out of the flag. Breakeven trade. USD is still weak, CAD is just weaker.