Trade 30 – Crude Oil Brent


BRENT.pngReference and Entry on Daily Since the miss here, price has retraced back to the supporting trend line with the confirmation of the 150SMA. Stop buy order was triggered. A bullish pinbar for the added confluence.

0.5% capital risked for potentially 2.2R.

Entry: 52 | Stop loss: 50 | Target Profit: 56.5

Trade Plan: Once the bounce has confirmed, shift stop loss to breakeven. TP is at the resistance area. Aiming for a swing trade.

Psychology and emotions – I feel like I might be overtrading. A lot of trades were entered today. All of them did fit into the plan and strategy though.


download (3).pngAnother entry without confirmation and another stop hit.

Reply to past self: Yes, you were overtrading and no, none of it fit into a proper strategy or plan.


download (5).pngPrematurely stopped out?

download (1)download (2)Yes, price did bounce off identified area. Good idea, poor execution. Maybe tough luck or could do more to take into consideration volatility.