Trade 33 – SGD/GBP


TRADE33SGDGBP1Reference on Daily Trading conditions: Range

TRADE33SGDGBP2Entry on 4H As price currently at resistance, waited for entry trigger and that came in the form of TL + ST-SMA break.

Will shift to breakeven when price reaches LT-SMA or TL.

[Trade 33A] 0.5% capital risked for potentially 6.5R

Entry: 0.5781 | Stop loss: 0.5816 | Target Profit: 0.5552

[Trade 33B] 0.5% capital risked for potentially 3.6R

Entry: 0.577 | Stop loss: 0.583 | Target Profit: 0.5552

Psychology and emotions – Currently overtrading. But I think this followed a proper plan.

Trade Management

download.pngPrice has reached the LT trend line/150SMA area. Stops shifted to break even.


download (2).pngStopped out. Result: Break even. (or 11 point gain to be exact)