Trade 35 – EUR/CAD


eurcad4H Outlook Continuation of Trade 21. Yes, that’s how fast. Shows the overtrading that has been happening recently. Including this one. A little too quick to enter. Yes, possible price can go up from here but in the long term on this set-up price hasn’t pulled back enough.

A good entry would be to wait for price to retrace all the way back to the LT-TL or at 50% mark at the 1.41 region.

0.5% capital risked for potentially 6.7R

Entry: 1.433 | Stop loss: 1.423 | Target Profit: 1.5

Psychology and emotions – Not interested and only half hearted making these recent journal posts as I’ve strayed away from what I initially set out to do. Need a reset. Good that I’m using a small amount of capital to collect statistics and find my edge.