Weekly/Daily/4H/1H/30mins timeframes (select 2)

[1] Ensure that price is range bound/strongly respecting S/R on the higher timeframe (✓)

[2] Go down to the lower timeframe and identify the accumulation/distribution/swing point (✓) Fading Bulls

[3] Plot out ST-TL and LT-TL confirmed by the 30SMA and 150SMA (range, not applicable). As price is range bound, will be looking for the existing ST trend to reverse. (✓)

[4] Price breaks and closes the ST-TL and 30SMA (✓)

[5] Stop order at the break of the accumulation/distribution structure (✓)

Additional confluences: Head & Shoulders, Support/Resistance on the lower timeframe, Fibonacci Retracement, Candlestick Patterns on the higher timeframe, Linear Trend Line

1% capital risked for potentially 2R

Open: 17.95 | Stop loss: 18.3 (-38 points) | Take Profit: 17.1 (+81 points)

Remarks: With this kind of candles, doesn’t make a difference where the entry is placed isn’t it.


At entry, stop loss placed under/above the lowest/highest point of the support or resistance on the higher timeframe. Middle of the distribution (fading bulls) structure.

Take profit placed before the support or resistance that makes up the range. First support

At 50% of the range, LT-TL or 150SMA – shift stop to breakeven.

At 80% of the range, shift stop to 50% mark or below/above swing L/H.

If price breaks and closes past the 30SMA on HTF or 150SMA on LTF, tighten stop loss and prepare for manual exit.



[1] Initial stop loss

[2] Trailing stop, as mentioned under management

[3] Manual exit due to change of momentum and break of market structure

[4] Take profit

Remarks: Didn’t plan for this kind of volatility (actually placed the sell entry rather far), but it’s all part of trading.


download (1)download (2)Idea was there, entered the short too early. The rounding top that was identified did play out. Perhaps at the resistance could have gone short again at the area of low volatility as idea was still valid.